The IntraEnvironmental Sound Project

During the completion of my degree in Digital Audio Arts at the University of Lethbridge, I had ample opportunity to further my knowledge in the fields of recording, composition, production, mixing and research. In April 2015, a colleague and I received funding for a year-long research project which involved recording environmental sound. Our main outcome from these recordings was three compositions and sound maps specific to each location in Southern Alberta at which the sounds were recorded. These locations were: Banff National Park, the Calgary downtown core, and the University of Lethbridge campus. Throughout our research, we endeavored to uncover uncertainties and misunderstandings about the nature and presence of natural and unnatural sound in the modern world. An updated mix of Banff: The Soundscape to a Vivacious Mountain Town was submitted by myself to NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art) for an open call for compositions and is now a possible candidate for a feature within an exhibit.

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