What a Year!

A Little Update

What a year it has been. I spent the first few hours in Berlin with a sky full of fireworks and am ending off in preparation of heading to London to see one of my favourite artists, Matt Corby. In addition to this I’ve also completed a large chunk of recording for my next EP with a great producer in Lethbridge, written nearly an entire new album, mixed some music for friends (here), arranged, engineered, produced, recorded, performed, and mixed two intense Christmas covers (here), broke a bone in my hand, worked at a wine store for nearly nine months, and started at a bakery to list a few things. I’ve been introduced to, and have forged relationships with, some truly amazing people and have left my little mark, I feel. I hope all has been well with everyone and that you things only look up for you.

Thanks for listening as always, and all the best.


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